The Penong Hotel is a legendary country pub and an essential stop on any Nullarbor Plain road trip. It offers in-house dining, a bar, liquor shop and accommodation right in the main street of Penong. Whether you’re coming from east or west along the Eyre Highway, Penong Hotel offers a welcoming and friendly pit stop.

About Penong Hotel

Penong Hotel is located conveniently on the Eyre Highway, just 70km west of Ceduna. It was originally opened in 1910 and has continued to serve the region for over 100 years ever since. It prides itself on being a local pub for everyone, whether it be the local farmers, fishermen and surfers, or travellers passing through Penong on the Eyre Highway.

The hotel is open every day of the week with meals, drinks and accommodation all on offer. They have a welcoming indoor bar with friendly staff, or you sit out in the beer garden when the weather is nice. You’ll find it has a great community feeling, with delicious and good value meals and clean rooms for a nice overnight stay. There’s plenty to do in the area, with the must-see windmill museum in town, or nearby fishing and surfing spots along the coast.

If you’re heading across to Western Australia, Penong Hotel offers a relaxing night before you launch across the Nullarbor. If you’re coming from the west, then you’ll find the hotel offers a chance for a nice meal and drink after a long drive. You can find a petrol station and general store just across the road for any essentials that you might need before you continue your journey.

Penong Hotel is a sister pub to Thevenard Hotel, which is just over 70km down the road. Both hotels are also Liquor Legends outlets, with plenty of great deals and prices on your favourite drinks and liquor so you can take some away with you.