Our map of Ceduna is your informative guide to sightseeing and self-drive tours throughout the region of Ceduna, South Australia.

Map of Ceduna

You’ll find everything from recycling bins and disabled parking to sightseeing and day drives, even local insight and video guides to help you explore the area.


Welcome to Ceduna MapLet's get you out exploring!
Smoky Bay Oyster ToursExperience a working oyster farm and the freshest oysters on the planet!
Self-drive ToursUse our map along with a self-drive tour itinerary!
Penong Self-drive Tour ItineraryExplore world-famous locations at Penong!
Visit Memorial at Ceduna AirportWhat happened to six RAAF servicemen killed in the crash?
Penong Windmill Museum Self-drive Tour ItinerarySee the open-air museum with the largest windmill in Australia!
Smoky Bay Self-drive Tour ItineraryEmbark on a sightseeing coastal tour to Smoky Bay!
Lake McDonnell (Pink Lake) Self-drive Tour ItinerarySee what everyone's raving about!

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Self-drive Tours

Take a self-drive tour around town or to nearby locations such as Smoky Bay, Lake MacDonnell, or Davenport Creek. Information cards within the map include relevant details about each location. Simply follow the map, or use it in combination with an itinerary from the Library of Itineraries in our Things to do section, it’s a great way to explore at your own pace.

Ceduna Map
Travel distances map guide for Ceduna, South Australia.

How far is it to Ceduna

Use our graphic above as an instant guide to distances and expected travel times for locations beyond this map. See link below the image for download and print options.

Be our guest

Don’t rush through Ceduna and miss the chance to really get out and enjoy the area. Book your accommodation and allow yourself time to explore. It’s not uncommon to have locations to yourself, or walk for miles on a beach with not another soul in sight. It provides a rare and welcomed opportunity to tune the bustle out and turn up the nature dial.

Use Ceduna Map to find the perfect spot to take a bike ride or stroll, take the fur-babes to an ‘off-leash beach’ in town, or somewhere a little out of town. Embark on an adventure of your own choosing and in your own vehicle at your own pace. There are interesting seaside towns and tourist attractions in every direction.

Fill your trip album with unique photos of your adventures along the wild, Far West Coast of South Australia. Tick items off your bucket list and make memories to last a lifetime. It’s all possible when you allow a couple of days in Ceduna, and now you can be your own tour master, and best of all – it’s completely free.

Enjoy your stay!